we create events that intertwine narrative and brand into exciting and playful experiences.


In all our nightmares we become trapped. Lost. Forgotten. Ghosts in the cracks of time.  Get ready for an experience that will scare you to your limits. Listen, play, explore and RUN… Run like your soul depended on it.

The Game
South Wales’ first multiplatform pervasive street game. everwake was designed to be a new type of entertainment and narrative. Mixing street gaming with online storytelling and play to create and augment a magical and frightening world of ghosts and spirits. everwake was designed to blur the boundary between reality and fiction by introducing multi-platform elements to the storyworld that surrounded the physical event.

We created a story world that existed as a layer of our own reality, one which was recognisably Limbo.  The task was simple – save as many souls from Limbo before the time runs out. However things are not always that straightforward – who has trapped them there and why?  A decision at the end had to be made which either meant damnation or ascension.

Pre event elements
We began designing the world of the game four weeks before the live event took place through ‘real life’ blogs, twitter accounts and audio diaries written by the main character.  For those participants who bought tickets their lives were permeated through emails and phone calls during the fortnight before the performance took place blurring the lines between reality and fiction and extending the story world a step further.

The Event

The event itself took place in Cardiff and spanned over 12 indoor and outdoor locations, 14 actors and included multimedia elements. Participants were met by a character Adam, who was referenced in the online story world.  He outlined the journey they would take. They entered the world by taking a serum, one which allowed them to see beyond what others could see.  We used elements from the history of Cardiff and intertwined it within the narrative e.g. the history of the locations informed character stories and the narrative arc. This created unique connections for the players to the city and the urban environment.  At the end of the game the players had to make a decision –  one that mean the difference between winning or losing.

The beauty of the overall design of the production was that people could interact as much or as little as they wanted. The more they investigated the world of the online world the more nuances were unlocked.  This allowed people to dip in and out of content and provide different levels of engagement.  People who engaged with the online content didn’t necessarily have to play the physical game or vice versa.  Through multiple entry points the audience could create their own narrative of the experience and choose how and when they engaged with it.  This collection of small encounters contribute to an overall story which is what ultimately makes brands more meaningful and accessible.

Photos – http://vimeo.com/29908730

The Legacy
Stories seed legacies

everwake was created and built through a collaboration between yellobrick and make & see and supported by Hoffi and thinkARK for the playARK games festival 2011.

About yellobrick

we create events that intertwine narrative and brand into exciting and playful experiences.

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