we create events that intertwine narrative and brand into exciting and playful experiences.

EYESPY pervasive game

The story world of EYESPY was based on the existing narrative legacy of espionage and spies. Although this is a well known genre within popular culture we wanted to create an interactive campaign that would introduce people to the world of the game and inadvertently teach them the rules. We created a fast track recruitment process for ‘potential’ spies through a series of training days that allowed people to interact with the world before committing to a ticketed event, these included a twitter detection game and also a social game called killer, a version of Assassin’s a popular college campus game. This pre-event interactive participation created a buzz around the main event and allowed yello brick to sell out the event with little use of other marketing methods.

Eyespy itself was an immersive multiple location street game experience that took place in Cardiff. The game comprised performers, telephony technology and 12 indoor and outdoor locations that the participants had to navigate their way to within the space of two and a half hours. The structure of the game was designed in such a way that participants could, to an extent, decide their own path. We introduced elements of puzzle that had to be solved in order to move forward or move to the next ‘level’ – very much like an online game. The mechanics of this approach allowed the participants to strategise and actively engage with the game and its narrative giving a sense of achievement and measurable reward. Each audience group had a different experience to the next which created a unique connection with the narrative and other people within their group.

About yellobrick

we create events that intertwine narrative and brand into exciting and playful experiences.

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