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Brand Marketing – It’s all about telling great stories

There have never been more ways to connect with consumers than in today’s digitally empowered and hyper connected world but ironically it seems harder to connect with consumers than ever before.  In a post-broadcast and social-media-dominated era it is no wonder that most of today’s marketing messages are lost amid the clamour of brand messaging and campaign choruses. For recipients faced with this blanket of pop up adverts, e-shots and social media marketing chatter, they become numb passive consumers who will ignore being broadcast to in favor of something they’d prefer to seek out themselves.

So the burning question is how do you communicate your message amid the digital noise? How can you get people’s attention?

You go back to basics using the only tool that has ever created meaningful connections, changed behaviour and ignited the imagination – STORY

In this fabulous short, viral storyteller and advertising expert Jonah Sachs draws on mythology, advertising history, evolutionary biology, and psychology to demonstrate the power that story has to rise above the media din and create meaningful connections with audiences. Brands and marketeers have to become storytellers and myth makers drawing on timeless themes and values that matter and allow the consumer to be part of the story rather than be witness to it.

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