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A new project is afoot!

“ There were lovely subtleties that even now I’m remembering and beginning to be conscious of. It’s like there’s an overall picture that we’re only getting a glimpse of. Further chapters please.”

everwake participant


It’s been just over a year since we produced everwake – an immersive pervasive game that was told through multiple platforms. We had a fantastic team of people who came together to make the project happen – without them it would have remained just a lonesome idea bouncing around our heads. The story of the world was delivered through blogs, audio narratives and social media. The lives of the participants were intercepted by texts, emails and phone calls – all content built towards the final finale – a pervasive game played out in the streets of Cardiff one night in October.

However we knew that wouldn’t be the end of the story for everwake……………….

*Drum Roll*

We are pleased to announce (over the moon in fact) that we have been awarded a grant by the Arts Council of Wales to produce a sequel to everwake that will take place in May 2013. Wasting no time at all we have donned our planning and development hats and are crafting the game with a fabulous team of writers, tech experts and other wonderful creative people.

Watch this space.

As well as being funded by the Arts Council of Wales, the project will be kindly sponsored by Chapter Arts Centre, Hoffi and thinkARK.

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