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Playful Interventions for Design Commission For Wales

Design Commission for Wales approached yello brick with a brief to make their Autumn Seminar Series for 2012 more playful. The topics for the Seminar Series focussed on three main current issues for Wales: Moving, Living, Learning, with an aim to explore the context and challenge for all these areas. In particular looking at how matters of transport are more than engineering projects; the design and construction of homes as more than housing targets and our learning environments as spaces that can encourage and facilitate the creative process.

In response to the brief we created playful interventions for each of the three consecutive seminar topics. These playful intervention activities guided people through a process that had playfulness and creativity at their core. They were designed to get the delegates thinking in a different way and see things from an alternative creative perspective rather than using their usual approach. For example; can we make our cities playable? What impact By introducing the idea of playful and social approaches when looking at the process and produce of design, new understanding of the possibilities of what a space can be rather than what it should be reveal themselves.

The project endeavoured to assist Design Commission for Wales in creating a new brand message for their seminars. The aim was that ideas and debate within the seminars didn’t just focus on the logistical processes and infrastructure but looked at cities and services from a social, sensory and playful perspective. In turn this would provide new inspiration and debate for the professionals and decision makers who attended.

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