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Walks and Talks


So we have been working on a variety of projects recently. From our own productions right through to a great piece that we will be announcing very soon. We have also been to a load of different meetings and presentations centred around what we do and why. Most people get it but there are still some very much in a traditional mindset when it comes to marketing and audience development.

One of the things we have been discussing during the presentations is the idea of experience and also time. It was something that really began around two years ago when we managed to get Matt Locke to come and speak at the playARK festival. His insight into content driven through time and people’s attention patterns was really inspiring and has made us get off our arses and do something about it. Coupled with the now required reading of Steve Job’s biography which highlights his many walking meetings we thought why not bring all this together. So in typical yello brick fashion we are getting off our arses and actually doing some walking, and we hope you guys will as well.

The project is called ‘walks and talks’ (working title). The project is centred around the idea of lunch and consuming some great content whilst getting out of the office, and away from the screen. So what we have thought about doing is making a live event that people can tune into and experience during lunch and ideally away from their desk. We will hopefully getting a series of speakers together allotting around 10 minutes for them to talk while everyone else listens in and then at the end we can get people to ask questions. All (we hope) while taking a little walk around your local area. The great thing about the project is that all you need is a phone to take part. We are going to be working with our friends at Hoffi to develop some of the coding and generally how we can get the word out.

So we are looking for people who might want to talk about something they are passionate about. Would you be interested in taking part? let us know what you think. IF you are interested please email julian@yellobrick.co.uk 



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  1. Steve Dimmick
    March 7, 2013

    Reblogged this on stevedimmick.co.uk and commented:
    Loving the new project from yello brick!

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