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I don’t play games to win. I play just to play

igfest 2011

There will be a number of other blogs that will be discussing our new game Reverie which will be premiering in Cardiff at the end of May this year. But this blog is an off shoot of the game and the questions that we are dealing with at the moment. The idea of games wether that is console, street or more traditional sports is to play and to win. Yet we have been talking about the game and how it can be ‘won’. What really strikes me about the conversations that have taken place over the last few weeks is just how different  peoples views are of these games.

The genre of street/pervasive games for me have been of interest because of the alternative nature of the people playing and also the theme’s narratives and environments that these games are played in. At the bottom of the list is the idea of winning. I have been thinking about this a bit further to try and understand how we can try and create a resolution that can work for the different types of player. In many ways this is very similar to looking into audiences and altering content for particular audience types. So can we create different outcomes for different players?

This is one of the main aspects that I will be thinking about over the course of the next month or so and I am looking forward to hearing other people’s opinions of how and what their goals are within these games. The reason I bring this up in particular is that I think I revel in playing not winning. There are many times for example I have been winning playing console games and have stopped playing to try and let the other person come back to play and have more fun. It is a genuine development of knowledge development of skills and ultimately play.

There is still a lot of work to do on this but looking forward to working it out.

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